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Jesus – one hundred years before christ * Alvar Ellegård (isbn 1585672521)

The idea behind this book is very nice. Ellegård had the hypthesis that the historical Jesus was not born in the beginning of the counting of years, but a hundred years earlier. Jesus would have been the “teacher of righteousness” of the Jewish sect of the Essenes and Christianity came forth of the same sect. By the time the apostles started to write their gospels and letters, the actual Jesus was a vague memory and Ellegård shows that they did not claim to write about facts but visions about a risen Christ and definately not a RErisen one. His hypothesis is underbuilt quite conclusively and I like the idea.
Still I didn’t think this was a too great book. I had problems keeping my attention and I think it could have easily been half the amount of pages. Ellegård’s writing style is really not boring or bad, but I think there is not enough new information or something to keep my attention. So, in basis a nice book, but it would probably have been nicer in the form of an article.

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