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The Celts, bronze age to new age * John Haywood (2004 pearson eduction * isbn 058250578X)

It was the Dutch translation of this book that I saw in a local bookshop and decided to get a copy. When I was looking for it on the internet, I ran into the earlier reviewed De Kelten en de Lage Landen by Herman Clerinx. Clerinx’ book is wonderfull, this book by Haywood is rather dull. Haywood wrote a purely historical book with much focus on the British isles. His information is detailed and in that regard interesting, but I find the approach much too historical. Funny is when towards the end Haywood comes to nowadays Celts and New Age “celtomania”. If you are intered in the history of the Celtic people, this book may be for you, but if you are interested in Celtic religion and mythology, better look for another title.

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