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Heimskringla or the lives of the norse kings * Snorre Sturlason (transl. Erling Monsen) (dover 1990 * isbn 0486263665)

Irritating that the name of a famous man like Snorri Sturluson is written differently. This affordable version of the Heimskringla is harder to find at Amazon this way. Anyway, here we have a 1990 rework by Albert Hugh Smith of the 1932 transtion of Monsen of Sturluson’s famous work. Of course Sturluson is even more famous for his ‘prose Edda’, but here we have his magnum-opus, a gigantic work, especially compared to his Edda. As the title of this translation suggests, this work is more historical than mythological, but in the old North writing and talling worked differently from today. Of course the main part is history, but in between (the lines) you will find Norse mythology and information about customs and folklore which makes the Heimskringla a must-read for people interested in Norse mythology. The book is a 780 pages paperback with 145 illustrations and 5 maps and a massive index for a more than reasonable price.

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