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History Of Magic * Eliphas Levi (isbn 0877289298)

Histoire de la Magie

For only E 2,50 ($ 3,-) I bought a German translation of this book. History and Levi, this is an impossible combination which proves in this book. Levi starts with a history. The oldest kind of magic in the world of Levi is Kabbalah, but he calls the ancient tradition Kabbalah and does not necessarily refer to Jewish magic. Levi has a strange order: India, Hermetica, Greece, Pythagoras, Kabbalah. After this he speaks about some magicians, practises, mythology, freemasonry, etc. Alright, but I would not recommand this book if you are looking for a serious history of magic. Still, because of the name Levi, this book is a standard book about the subject.

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