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The Edda As Key To The Coming Age * Peryt Shou (translator Stephen E. Flowers) (2004 Rûna-Raven Press)

Readers of these pages may have heard about the German occultist Peryt Shou because of the Turbund Sturmwerk / Inade vinylbox. When looking through the internet, the most links refer to this box. The Turbund website also has some information about Albert Christian Georg Schultz (1873-1953) -who took the name of Peryt Shou-. And from the American Rûna-Raven a few of his writings are available in translation.

Just like the recently reviewed booklet about Johan Bure of the same publisher, this is a photocopied A5-booklet, just a little thicker. There is an introduction with some information about the man, a translation of the work and notes at the end. Shou proves to have been a strange fellow. In the reviewed booklet he finds Christianity in the Eddas and makes a combination between Christ who died at the cross and the “Wuotan-Christ” who resurrected nine nights later (of course referring to the nine nights that Odin hang on a tree to gain knowledge of the runes). Also Shou seems to be heavily influenced by the system of the Armanenrunes of Guido von List and he was somewhat of a visionary predicting the coming of the “Wuotan-Christ” in his time. All this he works out into a strange esoteric system with rituals and everything.
Also on the political front Shou wasn’t much of a follower. He was and is popular among ‘nationalistic occultists’ (if you permit me to put it that way), has been friends with the founder of the Thule Gesellschaft, but also in this booklet he displays much appreciation for communism. A nationalistic and more spiritual version of it, but still.

This and other things make Shou to not fit into a strict corner and this writing is as similarly hard to define. Hard to read too, because I not only disagree with him frequently, but there are many things he says that I simply can’t follow. This DOES make the booklet an interesting read of course, because it forces me to think certain things over. Not the most easy reads of these visionary occultists, but it is nice to see that such writings are at least available for those who want a taste of it or study it more in depth.

2 thoughts on “The Edda As Key To The Coming Age * Peryt Shou (translator Stephen E. Flowers) (2004 Rûna-Raven Press)”

    1. Thanks for the info. Besides that, there is also the booklet accompanying the Peryt Shou box, which is a 24 page booklet (10″ square) with longer and shorter texts about of from Peryt Shou. Contrary to the booklet you link to and like the booklet of Flowers, there are many images here. I suppose this book was written by Lenz too.

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