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Forman, Rawlin, Cibinensis and Tschoudy on alchemy (fbn press)

Of the Division of Chaos (Simon Forman (1552-1611)
Admonitio de Pseudochymicis (Thomas Rawlin 1611)
An Alchemical Mass (Melchior Cibinensis 1602)
Hermetic Catechism of Baron Tschoudy 1766

The first text is a short, alchemical poem. The second “a waning to false chymists or the philosophical alphabet”, a strange text with heavy alchemical symbolism. Then we get an even stranger text, some kind of alchemical prayer. The last is a long Q&A with is very informative and very interesting, but I personally very much dislike reading Q&As. The text goes from theory to practise and philosophy, of alchemy of course.


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