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Acta Macionica volume 28 (6018)

Ars Macionica

The latest edition of Acta Macionica saw the light a couple of months ago, but I do not think I saw any announcements anywhere and it is not listed on the Ars Macionica website yet. When time comes I guess. If you are interested, just send them an email.

For quite a couple of volumes, the Acta is an impressive book. As we got used to, it contains a variety of essays in three languages. Most are in French, several are in Dutch and two in English. Since most are in French and that is not really my language, I fairly rapidly went through the 600+ pages.

There are a couple of very interesting texts, but also texts that are less of my interest. Most notable are the texts of Koenraad Logghe, Jan Snoek and Roger Degol.

A while ago I noticed a book of Logghe in a library with his translations of and introductions to a range of “old charges”, pre-Masonic texts that form the basis of later modern Freemasonry. This is an internal publication, but it looks like it that Logghe made a public summary of his findings for the Acta in a lengthy text about “Masonry in old sources”. Very interesting.

Jan Snoek writes about “the Harodim”, an old Masonic system that supposedly forms the basis of the systems of “high degrees” that were formed later. An interesting text with much information that was new to me.

Roger Degol has an article about a French second degree (Fellowcraft) which many think is not the most interesting degree, but Degol did manage to write a very interesting text with some thought-provoking ideas.

Other texts are about specific rites, history, a Surinamic Dutch member, the Hiram myth, the third degree, anti-Masonry, you get it, a variety of Masonic subjects.

2019 Ars Macionica

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