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Fludd symposion booklet (isbn 9067323020)

When I heard that the Dutch Rosicrucian society ‘Lectorium Rosicrucianum’ would have a ‘symposion’ about Robert Fludd I was delighted. Fludd (1574-1637) was an English late-Renaissance philosopher who tried to combine Hermetism with the upcoming science of his time and who also admired the young Rosicrucian movement that started in Germany with the publication of two manifests and a story. I have known Fludd for quite some time. He caught my interest with the beautiful engravings that decorate his books and the title plate of his Utriusque Cosmi… has hanged on my wall for years.

On a nice day in late 2003 we drove off again to the conference-resort ‘Renova’ and listened to the lectures of Esther Oosterwijk, Peter Huijs and Anneke Stokman. The first lecture is about Fludd and the Rosicrucian movement, the second a wonderfull and visual account of creation. The last is about Fludd and alchemy. Then this booklet is completed with a nice introduction, a biography and a bibliography by Carlos Gilly.

Surely a nice booklet and especially when you know that there is not too much about Fludd available, most publishings have run out of print.

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