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The Queen’s Conjurer * Benjamin Woollet (isbn 0805065091)

This book was the only interesting title that I saw in the three big bookshops during my holidays in Reading. A very interesting title nontheless. A biography of doctor John Dee, one of the greatest occultists of the 16th century.

However not really speaking of the ideas and theories of Dee, this book deals with his life in great detail. The book seems to be mostly based on Dee’s diary and some notes in scriptures that are left. The book deals with Dee’s private life, his summoning of spirits mostly with Edward Kelly and Kelly’s visions are described in great detail. It speaks of Dee’s thoughts, fears, hopes, family and friends in chronological order during a small 400 pages. There are quite a few (colour) plates in my version which I think is a cheaper paperback version since my cover (right) is different from the cover at AND my book was quite a bit cheaper too!

Anyway, if you are interested in the life of Dee, this is the perfect book to buy. If you are interested in the scriptures and theories of Dee, you better search the internet well or try to lay your hands on (translations) of the few text of Dee that are left.

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