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Monas Hieroglyphica * John Dee (isbn 157863203X)

This is the most famous work of doctor John Dee (1527-1608), the English occultist who travelled all across Europe after spending time in the court. This whole book explains the famous hieroglyph that not only inspired the name, but also the logo of these very pages. The work was originally written in Latin, I have got a translation from 1947 of J.W. Hamilton-Jones. It was originally published in Antwerpen, Belgium in 1564.

The work is not very long and is built off 24 “theorem”s, some short, some long. Mostly in quite a vague tone the theorems explain a part of Dee’s philosophy and/or an expect of the monad hieroglyph. There are a lot of drawings and tables and Dee uses a lot of different sources to underbuild his ideas. I won’t say too much about the text. I advice you to read it yourself if you want to learn more of the wonderfull symbol. The book is available online, so it is accessible for all of you.

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