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Alchemie, de kunst van transformatie * Jay Ramsay (isbn 9062719341)

The flood of books about alchemy has become so strong that now you also get easy-to-read books for a larger audience. This one appears to me as an easier and more popular version of The Tower Of Alchemy by David Goddard, but Goddard isn’t in the bibliography. Ramway closely follows the alchemical process to give you a system of spiritual exercises. In the beginning I found it all way too new-age, but this does get a little better. Afterall I am not totally sure what I think about this book. It is a book with simple meditation exercises based on alchemical symbolism and obviously for a large new-age audience. Not too bad, but not for me.

Strange, by the way, I can’t find the original version. This book is said to be a translation of Alchemy by Ramsay, 1997 Thorsons.

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