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Licht op Alchemie * Frank Greiner (isbn 9063255640)

However this appears to be a Dutch translation of the French book “50 Mots d’Alchimie” of Desclée de Brouwer (1991) I haven’t found an English translation. The Dutch title means “Light On Alchemy” and the French title “50 Alchemical Words”. The French title says exactly how this book is built up. There are 50 words dealing with the subject alchemy with an explanation. The words are in alphabetical order so this isn’t really a ‘reading book’, but strickly for referential purposes. Fortunately the book is written with the ‘modern’ idea that alchemy isn’t just ancient chemistry, but more a spiritual process in which the material side is just one part of the story. The book is well-written, nice and short with a good index and a short bibiography.
A good cheap choice if you want to have something about alchemy on your bookshelf.

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