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Hermes Trismegistus – pater philosophorum * Frank van Lamoen (bph * 1990)

Every now and then the magnificent Dutch library “Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica” has an exposition of a part of her own collection and that of others, based around one theme. Over ten years ago the subject was the textual history of the Corpus Hermeticum.

These books of the BPH are simply, but nicely printed, and always extremely informative. After some introductionary texts, you will get all information you could possibly want about every single book from the exposition. This time you can read about Asclepius and Corpus Hermeticum editions in handwritten and printed editions in Greek and in translations and some information about other texts ascribed to Hermes. Lamoen did a splendid job giving interesting informations about -for example- editions used for modern translations and is highly informative about the older editions as well. Should you be interested in not only the texts of Hermes, but also the history of these texts and their translations, this is the book to get.

And that for the more than reasonable price of E 7,50 (excluding shipping). Of several books there are versions in different languages, so be sure to check out to find out more.

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