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Hymns Of Hermes * G.R.S. Mead (isbn 155818144X)

I have been paging through this book when I saw a copy in ECCAARTH, the European Library of the Brittish Arktion foundation when I was on holidays there, so I don’t own a copy myself. I noted that it was released by Phanes, but I can’t find it on their page….

Anyway, Mead was a Theosophical writer with a huge interest in Hermeticism and Gnosticism in the time that there were not much translations and texts available. He was often the first to translate Hermetic and Gnostic texts such as the Pistis Sophia, Poimandres, an introduction to Marcion who founded a Gnostic form of Christianity around 150 AD, etc. Mead’s translations are still highly regarded and used for nowadays translations. Several of his writings have been rereleased in a series of small books of which this is one. A6 in size and not even a hundred pages with a very nice introduction to Hermes and Hermeticism including translations of Hermetic hymns to God. Very nice!
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