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The Hermetic Museum – Alchemy & Mysticism * Alexander Roob (isbn 382288653X)

This is really a magnificent collection of ‘occult art’. If you like what you see in the occult art section of the artpages of Sententia, you definately have to get this book. It counts over 700 pages and is stuffed with Hermetic, Kabbalistic, philosophical, religious, occult and mystic art, forming a wonderfull overview of pieces full of symbolism. From well known artists such as Athanasius Kircher and William Blake, to title pages of ancient occult works and magical diagrams.
Roob managed to divide the book in sections, so the pieces are not in order of artist. These sections are explained and elucidated and most pieces are explained as well.

Between the pictures and accompanying them, you will also read many quotes from alchemical texts, explanations and history.

4 thoughts on “The Hermetic Museum – Alchemy & Mysticism * Alexander Roob (isbn 382288653X)”

  1. This web page leaves me in a cul-de-sac. I may pass it by in time to come and then I shall try again to be received so that I can do a little research; you REALLY need to be more welcoming and make some changes.
    Roland Iamblichus

    1. Roland, excuses for being unclear. I used to have an html website called Sententia, later that became another html website called In these html websites I had an art section. When I replaced the html website with a database website, I had to drop the (already slumbering) art section, but I did not change every single review I wrote in the previous years, so indeed, a review such as this one is unclear since it refers to something that no logner exists. So no hidden doors, just old information.

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