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Asatrú! – inleiding tot een traditionele religie * Stefaan van den Eynde (werkgroep traditie vzw 2003)

Traditie” (meaning ‘tradition’ as you may have guessed) is a Belgian group of people interested in the Norse, Germanic and Celtic traditions and Belgian folklore. In time “Traditie” became mostly based on the ancient Norse religion or ́satrú, but they are not exclusive in any way. Since there was no clear book in Dutch about ́satrú and how to practise it in daily life, one of the members (and since late 2004 main man) wrote this very well printed brochure named “Asatrú – introduction to a traditional religion”. Both for ‘newbies’ and for people who have been interested in Norse traditions for some time, this little booklet will be interesting, especially for its practical viewpoint. It is well-written (but in Belgian Dutch (Flemish)) and comes with many pictures. Not the most standard information, but more to tell you how Asatrú can be lived in our modern society. You will see many similarities with ‘other esoteric’ lifestyles, but the New Age movement is slain to the ground.
So, if you can read Dutch and you want to learn more about being or becoming a ‘practising heathen’, you may want to get in contact with “Traditie”. The brochure is E 5,- and I suppose firstly printed for members, but I’m sure that you will get a copy if you ask for it. -22/9/03-

(summer 2005 a revised and expanded version was published)

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