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The Theosophical Enlightenment * Joscelyn Godwin (isbn 0791421511 * 1994)

A sold out book of our beloved esoteric scientist Godwin who wrote various interesting works and did some essential translative work. The title of course refers to mme Yates’ “Rosicrucian Enlightenment”, but Godwin starts where Yates (and myself) stop, the late 18th century. Godwin follows the esoteric and occult trails in the English-speaking countries dealing with people mostly unknown to me. He starts with Masonic tendencies and goes on to the Theosophical Society of H.P. Blavatsky in which Western and Eastern esotericism came together, splitting up again after Blavatsky’s death. The book is very well written en very penetrating with a impressive amount of sources. Oh there is so much left to study!

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