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The Way Of The Kabbalah * Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi (isbn 0877283052)

This is the first ‘real’ book of Halevi that I read. It is not quite what I hoped. Still Halevi’s approach to the subject is more direct, practical and different from any other Kabbalah book that I read so far, but it didn’t result in me getting a more Kabbalistic worldview or something to bring Kabbalah to my daily life.

Well, in a way it did, but the meditation-exercises and this like that are more generally spiritual. Another point is that Halevi uses the Tree of Life for everything which makes Kabbalah more lively than in most cases. All in all a nice start, but I hope the third book that I have of this Brittish Kabbalist is again a step further than this one.

But to the content of this little book. There are 30 short chapters with various subjects. The order is well-chosen and the reader gets further and further immersed in Halevi’s Kabbalistic teachings (which -by the way- he tends to call the Kabbalah). The writer speaks of different situations in life and links them with the Bible (Old Testament of course) and Kabbalah. Also he speaks about the workings and practices of Kabbalistic groups, the Kabbalistic spiritual path, etc.

A nice little book, but I still hope to some day find a Kabbalah-book that really makes Kabbalah live for me.


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