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The Work Of The Kabbalist * Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi (isbn 087728637)

The third and last Halevi-book that I have is the most practical one. It is a spiritual book with a Kabbalistic basis. Halevi descibes a spiritual path with the development of your different bodies, etc., the workings and practices of Kabbalistic groups and of course as always, based on the four Kabbalistic worlds and the extended Tree Of Life or Jacob’s Ladder.

Especially around the end of the book the content is too high-reached for me and I am no member of a (Halevi) Kabbalistic group which is a subject to which several chapters are devoted.

All in all this is a book to read, try to put in practise, put back in the closed and open again when the time is ripe, so in this sence, definately a good investment.


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