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Fama Fraternitatis + Confessio Fraternitatis + The Chemical Wedding Of Christian Rosenkruetz * all three supposedly by Basilius Valentinus

These three manuscripts that ‘rang in’ the Rosicrucian movement. They appeared in Germany in Kassel and Strassburg between 1614 and 1616 and are all available online in English translations on the page of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn.

The “Fama” is a not too long text that gives a (made up) history of the “Fraternity of the most laudable order of the Rosy Cross”. Names are given in abbreviation, big names from history are not and the writer tried to make look things more interesting by strange texts in latin and references to all kinds of occult arts.
A funny read.

The “Confessio” is “written to all the learned in Europe” and also quite short. As the title suggests it is a confession or declaration of the “laudable fraternity of the most honorable order of the Rosy Cross”.
Also a funny read.

The “Chemical Wedding” is the best known of the three texts. It is relatively long and actually a book in a way. I suppose you know the story? Well in short then. Christian Rosencreutz (the (mythical?) founder of the Rosicrucian order) is invited to go to a wedding. On his way to it and on the wedding himself he has some strange experiences and adventures. The text is an allegory for the way of initiation, but personally I find it quite hard to get through the heavily layered symbolism of this text. Just go to the mentioned page and have a look yourself.

All in all an easy and cheap way to get your hands on readable versions of these classic texts. All texts come with a short introduction and some notes.

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