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Gleanings Of A Mystic * Max Heindel

The last writing of Max Heindel (1865-1919), reinforcer of the Rosicrucian tradition. In the 17th century the Rosicrucian history began, but soon faded away over wars and revolutions. Two centuries later Heindel based himself on the three manifests (see elsewhere), the early Theosophical writings and other esoteric texts and gave a new start for Rosicrucianism. Founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in the USA Heindel was the cause of the start of various Rosicrucian orders, either still or no longer existent.

“Gleanings…” is a text in the Blavatsky-style: comprehensive, chaotic with tons of information. It speaks about Rosicrucian life, magic, Christianity and much much more. A nice read and a nice introduction into the Rosicrucian philosophy.

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