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De Werkelijkheid Achter Een Geheim * dr. Joh. S. Wijne (isbn 9072032063 * fama fraternitatis)

I have a few books about freemasonry and this is a book written by a mason and released by a masonic publisher. Unfortunately all masonic books that I have are in Dutch and published by Dutch or Belgian publishers and I don’t know if English versions are available from international masonic organisations. This book is also not available from for example Amazon, so the link is to the publisher “Fama Maçonieke Uitgeverij”, who -I suppose- you can ask about this. The foundation “Fama Fraternitatis” from the Netherlands was especially founded to present genuine masonic information to ‘profanes’, so you can be sure to get real information from the modern masonic movement that they think is suitable for non-masons.

But on to the book.
However is is a small and thin (113 pages), it contains a lot of interesting information about the the masonic view on various subjects. To name a few: The Ancient Duties, no priests, Satan, no Thruth, free will, esotericism, rites, initiation, brotherhood, conspiracy theories (Jewish/Masonic, Leo Taxil, the Protocols of the Elderly Brother of Sion, Humanum Genus), free science, emancipation, the new man, etc., etc., etc.
All subjects in short and clear chapters, written in a readable manner without irrelevant information.

A small masonic jewel so to say.

Find the Fama page for more masonic works (in Dutch) and the highly informative Dutch masonic internetpage (English version is worked on) at

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