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A Dictionary Of Freemasonry * Robert Macoy (gramercy books 2000 * isbn 0517692139)

Robert Macoy (1815-1895) published several books about Freemasonry in the 1870’ies. I haven’t been able to find out from what year this book is, but as you can see, it is still in print. You can buy it together with Waite’s A New Encyclopedia Of Freemasonry for only $ 30,- at Amazon. This 700-page book is indeed more of a dictionary than Waite’s encyclopedia. Where Waite tends to write articles about subjects, Macoy has mostly short information for a whole lot of terms. Different from Waite, Macoy sticks to Masonic subjects. However I haven’t been able to confirm it, I think that Macoy really was a Mason of high ranking. Also different from Waite is that this book contains a lot of images. B/w and not of a magnificent quality, but many grade symbols, temple-symbolism, symbols of offices, etc., etc. Also a very nice book to have for reference, but whereas Waite goes more into the deep, Macoy gives information about a great many subjects. The books complete eachother very well, that may be why Amazon sells them together.

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