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Het Derde Testament * Loed Loosen (isbn 9061737982 * 2005)

You see my literature comes from a great variety of sources. The Third Testament was published by the Katholieke Bijbel Stichting (Catholic Bible Society) who also published the new Dutch translation of the Bible. This little booklet (103 p.) is about the Bible in our daily life. Loosens chose six stories from each testament, the Old Testament he calls the First Testament, because is it is not old and out of date. The New Testement consequentally becomes the second testament. Loosen is (of course) from the Catholic corner but he wrote a very nice uncommon booklet. The six fragments are elucidated and Loosen has some rather ‘unCatholic’ ideas. He gives the Jewish origins of Christianity a high value, he says it is alright to ‘loose your faith’ in hard times and this faith should not be ‘forced back’ upon you, the Ten Words (commentments) are put in a new perspective (it is not that you have to follow them because otherwise you get punished, but you follow them because you feel that you are asked to. This sure gives much more room for a more personal view on faith.), Mary Magdalene gets a whole new place and the cross, Jesus’ suffering and the person of Jesus should not replace Christs message. A nice booklet about religion/belief in general and an uncommon view on Catholicism. A nice little booklet which might give the Catholic church back some credit.

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