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Het Egyptisch Dodenboek * M.A. Geru (1974/1992 ankh hermes * isbn 9020248316)

This is the classic Dutch translation of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead. The first pressing was in 1974 and the forth (last) in 1992. I was pretty disappointed when I got it though.

The introduction is not very in depth. Almost nothing is said about the origin of the aphorism or the composition of the book. Only mentioned is that the title isn’t very good and that the original title “Reu Nu Pert Em Hru” (not even mentioned!!) would be “The Book Of Appearing By Day” (or “…Going Out By Day”). The translation is readable, but untranslatable terms are used that are not explained anywhere. In general there isn’t much explanation which is a massive deprivation of this book. I have read more translations of the Egyptian book of the Dead, but I haven’t been able to find out what Geru means with “NN” for example, nor is it explained what a “wab-” or “setem-priest” is. The transliteration of Egyptian words is old-fashioned. There is no index or glossary. It is not explained why several aphorisms are left untranslated (and unreproduced).

In short: it is really really really time for a new a proper translation in Dutch. With the Tibetan Book Of The Dead they knew very well how it can also be. Please Ankh-Hermes, make a new version with the Tibetan Book as example!

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