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The Egyptian Book Of The Dead (the papyrus of Ani) * Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis Budge (1895 * 1975 dover books * isbn 048621866x)

I ran into this book second hand. I already have a Dutch translation of the Egyptian Book Of The Dead, but this Budge version looked a lot like the Gods Of The Egyptians that I have of the man. Indeed, also in this book of Budge lengthy introductions (articles about “The versions of the Book Of The Dead”, “The legend of Osiris”, “The doctrine of eternal life”, “Egyptian ideas of god”, “The abode of the Blessed”, “The gods fo the Book Of The Dead”, “Geographical and mythological places”, “Funeral ceremonies” and “The papyrus of Ani”, note that Budge lived from 1857-1934 and since then a lot has happened and Budge has become overtaken in some of his ideas), the plates in hieroglyphs, transliterations and translations. Budge placed the hieroglyphs next to eachother from left to right, the next line has a transliteration (the hieroglyphs written in our letters) and under that a translation. A result of this -of course- is that the translations don’t read too well, because the order of the words in the sentences follows the hieroglyphs. Still it is very nice to be able to compare the translated words with the transliterations and the hieroglyphs. Also a more readable version of the translation can be found in the last part of the book. What I find less usefull is that Budge put the text in the order of the plates of the papyrus of Ani and this is not the order of the chapters which has been decided upon. Also in the readable translation, the Ani-order is kept, which makes is hard to compare this book to another publications of the Book Of The Dead. A last point of comment is that Budge seems to have written for a scholarly audience. His text and notes not only have hieroglyphs, but also Greek, Coptic, Hebrew and Arabic texts without translations.
This isn’t a very easy-to-read book, but it is great to look at these pages with hieroglyphs and translations and (with some searching) this version can be used to find back the hieroglyphs with go with quotes from this famous text.

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