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Het Gilgamesj-epos * Theo de Feyter (isbn 902631681X)

This is by far the best and most beaufiful translation of the Gilgamesh-epic that I have seen so far. The Dutch publisher Ambo/Anthos has a nice collection of ancient mythologies in luxery releases.

I don’t think I have to say much about the Gilgamesh. Most people are quite familiar with this Mesopotamian epic. It speaks about the king Gilgamesh and his adventures. Several plates have been found and the long and highly informative introduction speaks about the world of Gilgamesh, the writing in which the texts have been found, the discoveries of the tablets, etc.

The translation is well-done and has kept the strange style of the tablets, with it’s repetitions and oddly going sentences. This may not make the reading easier, but it is good to for the atmosphere of these ancients texts.

In the back notes per tablet and what completes the book, a list of names and weights. <4/2/03>

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