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The Handbook Of Yoruba Religious Concepts * Baba Ifa Karade (isbn 0877287899)

I got a Dutch translation of this book as a present. The cover is terrible and I feared the worst. It look like one of these cheap-bookstores-new-agie kind of this. Opening the book my prejudices slowly started to flow away and when I really started to read, I found out that this book is actually very, very nice. It is published by a descent Dutch publisher and the original version is published by noone less than Samuel Weiser, so so much for prejudices from my side.

“Yarouba” is said to be an ages old African religion, with a prophet (Orunmila), a holy scripture (the “Ifa”), an oracle system that reminds of the I-Tjing, spiritual practises and (even) exoteric and esoteric branches. This little book gives you the history, an overview of religious practises, information about the texts, practises, priests and priestesses, a bibliography and even a glocery of terms. Very nice and definately a subject new to me, but very recognisable on the larger scale of big religions and esoteric practises.

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  1. I would like to thank you for your comments about my book, The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts. It means alot to me when people from differnt countries appreciate my work and the tenets of the Ifa religion. If you can, please visit my website for current endeavors. My new book,Storms of the Orisha is now published.

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