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The Jewish Book Of Living And Dying * Lewis D. Solomon (isbn 0765761017)

In contradtion to the well-known Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche this is a very practical ‘book of the dead’ for Western people. Solomon is an American Jew that is not only very undogmatical, but also very untraditional. He thinks that nowadays Judaism strayed too far from the path. Also nowadays Judaism pushes Death to the background, just like we do in our Christian society. Still there is a wonderfull Jewish tradition around the accompaniment of dying people, dead people and their relatives. Solomon wrote a very good book with practical advice (even practices and meditations), great and detailed descriptions of the afterlife in the Jewish tradition and a nice view of the Jewish tradition in general as far as the subject is concerned. The most practical ‘book of the dead’ that I know and I can recommand this book to anyone interested in the subject, anyone wanting to help him/herself and others AND anyone interested in the original Jewish tradition.

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