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De kerk van Oud-Wolfheze * Henk Jansen (2005)

This book concerns a ‘copyshop’ A4 booklet published by the writer himself. The writer is an amateur archeologist / historian who was born in Wolfheze on the Veluwe in the Netherlands. He collected information and did some of his own investigations on the church that used to be there and published his findings in this 60-page booklet. As the cover shows, the investigation is pointed to the period 1000-1624.

The first part is mostly about an investigation of the late 1900s of a H.J.H. Groneman who published about the remains of a little church in Wolfheze. Jansen quotes his findings and gives comments on them. This is an informative, but not an easy-to-read part. The most interesting things certainly are that there must have been a church in the earliest times of Christianity in that part of the Netherlands. Also there are strong indications that the church was built on a sacred pre-Christian site. The church is standing on a (artificial) hill and there seems to have been something of a ‘hunneschans’, a defensive round hill. Also there are burial mounds in the direct neighbourhood and enough indications that the place may have been special to pre-Christian inhabitents of the area. However there were probably not many inhabitents when the little church was built, Jansen and of course Groneman investigate the site of what now is a ruin. The church was enlarged a few times, is surrounded with legends and Jansen digs through all the information (and the lack of it) to give you the story of one of the oldest churches of our country and how it was abandoned and left to crumble.

You can -for now at least- only get a copy from the writer himself, so contact him if you are interested in the book. Recently the Amsterdam university UvA has investigated the site too, but there has been no publication so far.

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