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Mesopotamian Myths * Henrietta McCall (isbn 0292751303 * 1991)

Mesopotamian myths keep appealing to the Western mind. They sure are fascinating, partly because of the fact that the Mesopotamian culture (5000 years ago) was one of the earliest ‘high civilisations’ and it had a vast influence on our own culture and literature. McCall wrote a very historical book, much more than the other three books above. A large part of the book is dedicated to the descriptions of who found what text when and in what condition. Also there is a table what tablets were found where, if the same texts were found somewhere else too, when they were written, how large they are, etc. Just like in the other books in these series, McCall retells the myths and tales thus making you familiar with heroes, semi-gods, gods, etc. Wonderfull are the stories about rebellious gods, the great flood, goddesses falling in love with humans and over and over again reminding of stories familiar to us in another way. A very nice book to read. <26/9/05>

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