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The Essential Titus Burckhardt (2003)

Titus Burckhardt (1908-1984) was a Swiss “perennialist” art historian, advisor to UNESCO and an active writer. Numerous works in a great variety of languages came from his desk. Also did he write on many different subjects. In “The Essential Titus Burckhardt” the editor William Stoddart tried to show the various sides of Burckhardt. The texts in this volume go from almost theological expositions to reports of Burckhardt’s many travels and much in between. The subjects varry from alchemy to ‘Amerindian’ sundances, evolution and Julius Evola’s Riding the Tiger. Indeed, the author had a broad interest and during his life made friends all over the world.
The book is divided in seven parts each of which is divided in different chapters. The parts have titles such as “Traditional and Modern Science”, “Sacred Art and the Expression of Truth”, “Alchemy” and “Evocations of Traditional Maroccan Life”. An interesting and varried book of an interesting writer with a nicely personal writing style and critical but constructive ideas.
2003 world wisdom, isbn 0941532364

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