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Hindu Myths * Wendy Doniger-O’Flaherty (1975 penguin classics * isbn 0140443061)

After reading Daniélou’s Hindu Polytheism I wanted to read a book with Hindu myths. I was disappointed with how few there are actually available. Amazon doesn’t have too good critics about this book. The writer would approach the myths with an approach that scholars use to investigate works of Shakespeare or Dante. Also she would put too much stress on sexual symbolism in the Hindu myths. The Wikipedia article about the writer is even rather critical. With this in mind, I am not really disappointed about the book. The myths are catagorized per divinity, every separate myth is introduced well enough in my opinion and the translations are readable. Indeed almost every given myth has something sexual about it, which becomes a bit irritating after a while, but overall this is a nice collection of Hindu myths for a good price. I am still planning to get another collection, but since I could this one rapidly and second-hand, I am surely not disappointed. <20/11/06><2>

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