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De Oerknal Van Het Christendom * Jacob Slavenburg (isbn 9067322776)

This book was released just before “De Hermetische Schakel” by another publisher than Slavenburgs usual one. It is a thin book and seems to have been written in between (it is a bit sloppy at times). “The big-bang of Christianity” speaks about the first few hundred years of Christianity. Unconventional views on the person Jesus Christ, the apostles, evangelists, gnosticism, (apocryphic) writings, the upcoming Church and how Christianity became an institution. As always Slavenburg writes in detail and with lengthy quotes. Sometimes he expects background knowledge, at other times he explains things also for the beginner, so I don’t really know who to suggest this book to, but at least to people interested in early Christianity and Slavenburg-readers of course.

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