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The Sun, symbol of power and life * Madanjeet Singh (editor) (isbn 0810938383 * 1993)

On our last trip to Seattle two months ago we went to Bainbridge Island for a day. As soon as we came to the village I noticed this beautiful, but big and heavy book about the sun-cults of the world. Of course I bought it, but I had to carry it around the the rest of the day, and of course back to the Netherlands. I found the Yule-time a good period to read about the cult of the sun and the book proved to be worth the effort. Like I said, it is big and heavy. Also it has a lot of images. The book is a compilation of articles or essays of a variety of writers. Singh wrote the lenghty introduction. This is a 137 page text with no division in chapters or paragraphs and with a totally overwhelming amount of information. The writer wanted to use so many images that the further you get into the text, the further away the images are that are referred to. The introduction is highly informative but a tiring read.
The rest of the articles are shorter and deal with specific cultures. You get articles about the sun in Japanese art, in Japansese Buddhist culture, in Chinese culture, South Asia, Indonesia, Central Asia, Zoroastrianism, Byzantine and Russian art, Slavic cultures, Greek art and culture, the sun gods of ancient Europe, the sun in traditional French culture, Egypt, Africa, the sun gods of South America in three articles.

Obviously the sun cult was and is universal and you can perfectly compare the different forms of it with the loads of images, examples and explanations of this magnificent book.

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