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Alchemy & Kabbalah * Samuel Aun Weor (2009)

A while ago I was looking for a Traditionalistic forum. During that search I stumbled upon the Gnostic Community forum where a user said that Guénon was not a real initiate whereas Samuel Aun Weor (“pronounced “sam-ayel on vay-ohr””) was. The forum seemed quite serious at a glance, so I found out who this Weor was. Ah, the founder of the Gnostic Community. Of course! The man has written quite a few books with interesting titles. I chose two of them to see what this real initiate has to tell us. Of course I picked two titles that seemed interesting to me. Well, from the first page of “Alchemy & Kabbalah, the keys of radical spiritual transformation” it was more than clear that this Weor fellow is not for me. In his book he presents a mishmash of thin esotericism, combining Theosophy (the Blavatsky kind) with Eastern doctrines, a few Christian-sounding terms, flimsy alchemical and Kabbalistic symbolism and he structured his book after the Tarot. Weor uses the word Thelema implying that he read Crowley and probably also from Crowley comes the focus on sexual magic. Using sexual magic in the “Laboratorium Oratorium” (the act itself) “without spilling the cup of Hermes” or without wasting the “Ens Seminis” supposedly awakens your Kundalini that will on its turn awaken the chakras. Sex is the “Philosophical Stone”. There are a few practises that combine meditation and sleep and “the Arcanum A.Z.F.” that every real initiate uses. Weor uses a slightly irritating way of writing with very short sentenses and interesting-sounding words. I found nothing of the depth that his student finds in the writings of Weor. In fact, this little book (200 pages) worked on my nerves quite a bit. And I have got another one…
2009 Glorian Publishing, isbn 97819342063622

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