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Wende 10

5 Years and 10 Wendes. The magazine of the Flemish Asatru group Werkgroep Hagal comes to almost 50 pages this time and contains 12 “Odalistic” articles. The first text after the introduction is an experimental investigation of the small village of Wijnendale (municipality of Torhout) where the author suggests the castle was built on a heathen sanctuary. He admits that his theories are sometimes daring, but he hopes to get a discussion and further investigations in motion. A very short text of Aat van Gilst is about the number 12. Another daring essay is about the Shamanistic techniques used by Julius Civilis (or Civilus), the famous leader of the Batavian uprise against the Romans around the year 70. There is also a text about Männerbünde in the Northern Netherlands, thoughts on the original meanings of folk-dances, the all-seeing eye that spotted an Odal in a Belgian city’s building front wall, a thought-provoking short text about a new addition to UNESCO’s list of immaterial heritage that is not even a hundred years old and has but little to do with heritage. To close off a stand is taken against the moralistic tide of our day. There are a few shorter contributions such as a Norwegian song, information about the Germanic names of Gerik and Gerika and a bookreview in which the latest attempt of Varg Vikerness is slain to the ground. As always slightly provocative, both to the outside world as to similar-minded, Hagal makes a nice read (in Dutch) for people interested in modern Germanic heathenry and ecology alike. Click on the cover to go to the website of Werkgroep Hagal to find information how to get your copy.

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