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Rûna #24

I think I have more issues than the three that are new reviewed, but it has always been hard to keep up with “Rûna”. I do not know how to learn of new issues and so far ordering went through email and with a lot of patience. A while ago I ran into Arktos Media that sells “Rûna” and who have a descent webshop. I think #24 is the last issue, so I got my one of them. In my head “Rûna” is a nice Asatru magazine with links to the Rune-Gild, an organisation that has an ‘alternative’ approach to the Northern path. Reading back my two reviews it seems that I am not always totally happy with “Rûna”. Actually, this also goes for #24… “Exploring Northern European myth, mystery and magic” the cover always says. There is a lot of stress on the “magic” part this time. After a nice, but not groundbreaking essay about “Luck, Fate and Heroes” we have a very uninteresting article of Thomas Karlsson about “Dark Initiatory Witchcraft”. Thomas also returns interviewed about his Dragon Rouge order with its LHP (“left hand path”) magical approach and there is also an article about “Dragon Runes” which also smells of Dragon Rouge. Not that I have anything against that order and certainly not against Thomas who did some excellent work investigating Johannes Bureus, but just to stress the stress on the “magic” part. Further there is yet another interview with Stephen Flowers (of the Rune-Gild), an article about Northern gematria of Wulfila, Robert Taylor tells his history as a heathen and the highlight is kept for the end, Annabel Lee investigates medicine in the grail legends and compares the references to Hildegard von Bingen and some other medieval sources. Actually I only like Annabel’s text… Perhaps in another issue the focus will lay more on the Northern way again. We will see.
Click on the cover to go to Arktos Media where you can get a copy as long as they have them.


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