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Heraldisch Vademecum * H.K. Nagtegaal (isbn 9027488495)

For quite a while I had been looking for a book explaining heraldic symbology and at last, here is one in Dutch. “Heraldic Vademecum” (an encyclopedia so to say) first has a long glossary explaining descriptions of what you can see on weapons and seals and then many small images with colours, backgrounds, share-outs, positioning and of course images like crosses, animals, armery, etc. Not entirely the explanations that I was looking for. There are no explanations of the different symbols, but more in the vein of “when you see a lion in the bottom-right corner, this should be noted” and “a lion is an animal that is used a lot in Dutch heraldry”. Some extra information would be helpfull, but this is better than nothing.

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