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The Dream of Rood and Cyn(e)wulf and Other Critical Essays * Louis Rodrigues (1998)

I have been reading several of Rodrigues’ booklet with Anglo-Saxon texts in translation. Judging the title I expected this to be another such one. Inspite of that title, the “critical essays” are not about other scholars’ works about Anglo-Saxon texts. Rodrigues writes about poetry of Salvador Espriu and Robert Graves, Catalan poetry, Galician poetry, humour in Indian literature and more. The Anglo-Saxon essays are of course about “The Dream Of The Rood” and “Cyn(e)wulf” and Some modern English verse rendings of The Ruin (both available in other booklets) and one about “Margaret of Antioch – pseudo-saint and martyr”. Not a very interesting booklet for me…
1998 Llanarch, isbn 1861430639

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