Mixcloud #5 Gooseflesh Noise

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There is actually noise that raises the hairs on my arms and brings a tear to my eye. Here is an hour of emotional violence.

Long ago I made this mix for 8Tracks, but the Dutch music rights organisation caused 8Tracks to be no longer available in my country, so I cannot even listen to my own mix. Here it is again on Mixcloud.

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Mixcloud #2 Electronic Doom

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This one took much less effort, but it still takes time to gather tracks, arrange them, make a playlist, etc., but here we have “electronic doom”. There is this dark, minimalist kind of techno that is sometimes named “industrial techno”, but that term can just as well apply to hardcore techno, so I am not fond of it. Spotify seems to use “Mandible”, but I have no idea what that is supposed to be. I use “electronic doom” for my Spotify playlist as it is somewhat doomy and of course electronic. I do sneak in similar vibes from other genres.

Anyway, for Mixcloud I made a two hour mix of this type of music, so if you have no Spotify, check this out:

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Mixcloud #1 High Energy

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A while ago I was downloaded mixes from Secret Thirteen. I figured that would be an easy way to have a load of music for a car holiday. There are some excellent mixes there, but I was looking for something more energetic. And so I picked up the idea to make such an energetic mix myself. I may have went a bit too far, but other people may have a sense of humor too, right? I sent the mix to Secret Thirteen, but I never heard of them…

Then I figured, why not just upload it somewhere myself? Mixcloud for example? And so I did:

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