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Mixcloud #19 Metal Blast

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Back with metal. Funny, since I seldom play it. “Metal blast” is a mix with metal tracks that start with a ‘blast’ and afterwards and pretty fast. Of course there is a variety of styles, (Göteborg) death metal, (industrial) black metal, grindcore, (blackened) trash, an hour of uptempo metal.

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Mixcloud #16 Intro beat

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There are a few well known and popular songs that start with a great rhythm that immediately gets me in the mood for a good track. I know a few of those and decided to put them into a mix. It took a little more effort than I expected to find enough good tracks with a good ‘intro’ to make a mix of an hour, but here we go. The mix as often contains a wide variety of styles. From noise rock to psychobilly to pop, rock, gothic, metal and even EBM. None of the tracks are very fast, but as the mix continues, the speed slowly goes up a bit.

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Mixcloud #17 Black Metal Dance

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A mix I’ve been thinking of for a while. It’s not just down- or midtempo black metal that I was after, but songs with a ‘waltzing’ rhythm. This proved to be harder than expected. I had songs in my head, but not enough. Most songs are from the few years that I listened to black metal frequently.
I’ve mixed the metal with folky songs for good measure. These songs are from the cd that came with the second version of the book Liederen En Dansen In De Kempen.

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Mixcloud #13 High Energy vol. 2

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My “High Energy” playlist on Spotify is great (to me), but much longer than my first mix with the same name on Mixcloud. So I made another one. We start with rock, go to metal and slowly moved towards electronic music. I put some more focus on music that is not available on Spotify, but also added some very well-known pop music for good measure. Enjoy.

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