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Fabio Venzi

Freemasonry is the most recent form of Tradition

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The thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment, based on the premise that truth can only be secured from experience, maintained that Tradition, the voice of the past, the authority exerted by the ancient thinkers, could only cause harm as it constituted a prejudice hindering a clear unimpeded vision. Furthermore, as a consequence of their anti-historic attitude, the enlightened concluded that prior to the eighteenth century there had only been errors, barbarism, obscurantism. But on the contrary, Freemasonry is the most recent form of Tradition, and similar to all traditional forms gathers and conveys in an uninterrupted chain all aspects present from the beginning, unchanged by the ravages of time, beyond the realm of history and time. In the context of Tradition the transmitting of primary principles occurs in a vertical fashion, from super humans to humans, implying perfection from its very outset. The means best suited to instelling knowledge of the truth of a higher order associated with this Tradition is represented by symbolism, a tool that has been rejected or ignored by the modern world, which views truths as belonging to the order of pure intellectuality

Fabio Venzi in Studies In Traditional Freemasonry p. 31/2

Freemasonry is not deist

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Yet others have defined the Masonic school of thought as “deist”, which is even more ridiculous. It is an established fact that in the deist doctrine thre is no place for a relationship between God and man; God exists but is in no way involved in the historic events of man. Then how can the contant references to “assistance” of The Great Architect Of The Universe in our rituals be explained?

Fabio Venzi in Studies On Traditional Freemasonry p. 33