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Arturo Reghini

But we are pagan

But we are pagan; [a]nd we remind the Italian freemasons once again that masonic science has nothing to do with the religion of Jesus, or any other; it is instead the same wisdom that classical civilization cherished and transmitted through its sacred mysteries.

Arturo Reghini, quoted in Occultism and Traditionalism

Spiritual equality

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Nowadays it is thought that truth may be gained through discussion, and it seems natural that the pupil may put himself on a level with his master, arguing with him. With the prejudice of equality, and with its derivations: freedom, human rights, sovereign people, compulsory
fraternity, economic utopias, etc. etc., every principle of authority has been undermined, every spiritual and intellectual superiority has been trivialised, hierarchy unknown or reversed, and deference and reverence to a master have vanished.

Arturo Reghini

From the book Occultism and Traditionalism