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It is a bit ‘on and off’ with my use of P2P networks. Currently I have ‘an on period’ and of course I am listening to a variety of music. With the discovery of Dogpop and Thorofon (see music reviews section), I ran into Geneviève Pasquier. This is a strange formation around a woman, making some soft industrial dance-like music, which reminds me a bit of a girl group from an entirely different corner: Vive La Fête. So I have been looking around for some Geneviève and Vive music which both sound nice and funny. I usually don’t really look for anything because most of the time I cannot find what I am looking for. Most things that I run into is accidental. In this way I stumbled upon a terrible cd of Dies Natalis (Strasen Voller Staub) and a not too great compilation dedicated to Sol Invictus (Sol Lucet Omnibus). In an entirely different corner I found an album of the Dutch “breakcore” act Bong-Ra (Soldaat Van Oranje), a nice cd with “breakcore”, a great drum’n’bass track and surprisingly, Dutch-spoken hiphop; not bad at all! A much weirder “breakcore” act proves to be Scissor Shock. This is an extreme collection of sounds and rhythms which lacks every structure and is (in my ears) a not too pleasent listen.
There is so much music out there to enjoy!


I never really gave it a thought that besides online compilations, there may also be online labels with free online releases. Just so you didn’t either, here are three such labels that may be of interest:
Decisive Sound Records with releases varying from IDM to extreme noise. mostly with dark ambient.
Enough Records anything from noise, industrial and dark ambient to postrock and “glitch”.

All free for you to enjoy.

Tesco festival in Antwerpen

29 and 30 September an interesting line-up will fill the old theatre room CC Luchtbal in Antwerpen, Belgium. Be ready for Galerie Schallschutz, Dogpop and Ure Thrall on Saturday and Post Scriptvm, Janitor, G.O. (Genocide Organ) and SPK (DVD preview) on Sunday. More info on the Luchtbal website.

New label from Spain

Music news? Hm, why not. I do not intend to become the new Funprox, but I might post something music related every now and then.

Etude Records, experimental obsure sound archives”

Industrial, noise and ambient, but from another corner it seems. The five releases of so far each have an mp3 track. Not entirely my thing, but if you are into experimental ambient you may want to listen to this material.