In my player

So, what has been in my players recently?
Yesterday I put Incendium II in my player and then I had to think about this compilation that starts with Turnbund Sturmwerk. I couldn’t remember which compilation it was, but after scanning my collection for a while, I remember the red cover and then I knew it: Juche! Juche is a nice noise compilation, only the Con-Dom track is one that I skip. When it was finished, I put in Incendium II again, starting with the Vestigial track and ending with Ex.Order, two magnificent tracks.
Previous days I have been playing Thorofon (the older material), the Vestigial album, but also Geneviève Pasquier (the female half of Thorofon with a great industrial electropop sound) and Audio Output 3, a great “tekno” compilation. It has been a while since I got new music, so I will look around a little to see if anything interesting was released.

Lore Of Asmoday

I noticed that Gangleri recently receives hits with searches for Lore Of Asmoday. I found that strange, since the band quit almost 10 years ago. I don’t remember exactly when and how I got to know the band, but I do know that in that time, I loved them and bought several of their demos and wrote reviews in the media that I wrote for in the time. One review (I guess the last one) ended up on Sententia or Monas (the previous names of my website) or so and can now be found on Gangleri. That is were people run into when looking for the band. Read the review for a story of the band.
Since there seem to be quite a few people looking for Lore Of Asmoday, I did a little searching myself. The band has a Myspace and a website, so I guessed the band has come back from the dead. Indeed, the Myspace blog suggests that this may happen and there actually is new material. Some of the old material can be downloaded as mp3. The weird ways of the scene.
The sound seems to have shifted a little to a more goth-oriented one and in the past 10 years my musical taste didn’t stay exactly the same, but perhaps I will listen to some old and new material when I find the time.

Der Blutharsch 350 euro 7″ box

My eye just fell on an item in the Going Underground rarities list. This is actually the Der Blutharsch 5 x 7″ box for sale, for the absurd cost of 350 euros (if I’d make that to dollars, I’d some to something like $ 540 with the current rate).
Long ago, I was in Gent (Belgium) to see The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud (not for the first time btw.). They were still together and Herr Julius had made a solo release under the name Der Blutharsch. I bought that LP at the concert. There was a little card in it with which owners of the LP could order a 7″ and that again for a few times. Then there was a card for a 5 x 7″ box. Not cheap, but I figured that these very limited releases of a sideproject of the cultband TMLHBAC would be worth having, so I sent my cash to Austria, like I did a couple of times before. (This was all before the internet, euros, etc.) On inquiring where my box was, I got a letter from Julius that he never got my cash and he had similar complaints from other people. Apparently his mailman found out that all those letters he received contained dollars… Since I thought that Der Blutharsch was nothing compared to TMLHBAC, I didn’t try again to get the box, hell, I didn’t even buy the first cd that contains the music from the 7″s! When the style got better and TMLHBAC was debunked, I started buying and loving Der Blutharsch, but my collection always remained incomplete, since I hadn’t been able to lay my hands on the 7″ box. When Julius started to release more very limited vinyls, but now only sold at Ebay or only at concerts, I missed several releases. Too bad, I still have most, but I have no intention to pay a crazy sum of 350 euros just to get that 7″ box afterall. Would anybody?

David Lynch

Today I found out that there are two new cds by David Lynch and looking for a place to listen some snippets on the internet I saw that there are even more albums of the man that I didn’t know.
Just out is Polish Night Music which Lynch made together with Marek Zebrowski and which appears to be a very monotous soundscapes of classical music. What I heard of it so far, this is not really my thing.
Also new is a single called Ghost Of Love. Two songs with a soft jazzy and weird sound with apparently Lynch himself on vocals. These songs sound quite nice with the whawha guitars and stretched sounds.
Further there is a Twin Peaks New Season Two Music Soundtrack CD which does not have music from the series, so I guess it’s a new musical interpretation of the series. I’m not sure if the music is of Lynch himself.
Continuing there seem to be two albums from 2004, one called Jazz Lobster which is not bad for a jazz album with some nice elements such as electric bass and normal guitar, this album doesn’t get better as it continues though. New View Through The Window Vol. 3 suggests that there are more of them. This is a jazz rock / fusion album, not really my thing. And indeed, there are two more with about the same sound.
What I heard isn’t quite as good as the Blue Bob album, but some music might be interesting enough to listen to properly.

‘Now playing’

Do you ever wonder what is in my player when I don’t have new music to review? Since I play music when I am at home almost constantly, it would be a dayjob to keep up with that, but maybe every now and then, just to give you an idea and just to give you an idea of what albums are good enough to play when the novelty is gone. On Wednes- en Thursdays my girlfriend is mostly not at home when I come home from work. That is when I often play the more extreme things that I don’t want to bother her with too much. Then it is often tekno, digicore, power electronics and sometimes metal. Yesterday I suddenly felt like playing metal, something like Dimmu Borgir (Enthrone 97), nah, Cradle of Filth? not today, Ancient (Mad Gradiose Bloodfiends 97), hmmm; but then my eye fell on At the Gates so I played their only good album: The Red In The Sky Is Ours (92). While reading later on I put on the first two Stoa cds (Urthona 93 and Porta VIII 94), man I hadn’t heard them in decades. When reading I play something more tranquil of course. On the way home from work today I was already thinking what to play after At the Gates. That other album (With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness 93) isn’t that good. Dark Tranquillity (my favourite metal band)? In Flames! Another thing that I haven’t heard in ages. So I put on Lunar Strain (94) and Subterrenean (95). I think that will be enough of metal for a few months to come!

Militia on CMI?

In the Golgatha/Dawn & Dusk split an advertising leaflet of CMI is inserted (as always). It has a very promising remark under “upcoming”:

MILITIA presents the MekanOrganiK project – Extracting Sunlight from Cucumbers CD

Does that mean that my favorite eco-anarchists will release a new album and even on CMI? Now that is something to look forward to!

[edit]: Hmm, what a little ‘Googling’ can onearth, a quote from Wikipedia:

Militia side project MekanOrganiK

In collaboration with the Bilzen Cultural Board, Militia’s side project MekanOrganiK organised the Bilzorganic festival, a street festival featuring several theatre acts and experimental music artists. MekanOrganiK presented a concert for 15 cement mixers and dance performance. See:

MekanOrganiK is also involved in the organisation of workshops, teaching young people how to create self-made music instruments and how to play the didgeridoo and percussion on empty oil barrels. In the youth club Club 9 in Koersel, MekanOrganiK organised the workshop “percussion on oil barrels” during the Fair Trade happening, see

MekanOrganiK will release a full studio CD based upon the adventures of Liamel Gulliver (Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift ), called “Extracting Sunlight from Cucumbers”. The music is slightly more techno and sounds are being generated from sand, stones, cucumbers, water and so on, in combination with electronics and percussion.

Music reviews blog

Tempting! So I guess on this place I can give tell you something about the (very few!) concerts that I go to or even put some news or something? “Now playing”? Hmmmm.
No idea about concerts really, but I can tell you that in the past days I have enjoyed myself with some extreme electronics: Propergol, Anenzephalia, the first cd of Steinklang Industries II, that sort of stuff. I have that sometimes 🙂

Die Zauberflöte

About a year ago, I saw the famous opera “Die Zauberflöte” of Mozart for the first time. It was a filmed performance shown in a cinema. Later I bought the complete piece on cd and because an opera has a big visual part, I also got it on dvd. The local theatre had a Zauberflöte last Saturday and we decided to see it for real too. The anouncement and information on the internet said that the “Nationale Reisopera” (”national traveling opera”) had a special way of playing it, and they sure had!
Before the opera started, there was an awfull introduction. A man stating that initiation in ancient times is what we now call “psycho therapy”, that the rites in “Die Zauberflöte” are rites de passage and that Freemasonry since Mozart also accepts women…
Fortunately the piece itself was a lot better. The people who have worked on the opera had quite a focus on the Masonic and especially on the alchemical symbolism of Mozart’s piece and there was no cutting in the tests and rites.
The ’speciality’ of this performance was that the singers/actors had to do their thing on an almost empty stage and there were serveral puppet theatres where the story was also shown with puppets. These theatres were filmed and projected on a big screen. The opera was sung in German, but subtitles in Dutch were also given. The puppet theatres sometimes added to what you could see from the actors, sometimes it was the other way around. The puppets also added a lot of humour to the part. One extra special thing was that one show has one Papageno made of two ‘half’ Papageno’s, since one actors couldn’t walk (so he stood singing on the side of the stage) and the other not sing (vocal cord injury).
All in all “Die Zauberflöte” remained a masterly opera and the performance was very nice as well. I noticed that it was the last performance of the travelling opera’s tour, so there is no change that you can go yourself. You will have to do it with photos then…

Book discs

Cinema FantasticLeft For DeadLast weekend we were in Antwerpen and while looking around a massive shop with sellout prices for cds and dvds (of course all crap), my eye fell on a booth with what seemed to be comics. There were a variety of book on the shelves with a strange format. Apparently they contained cds or dvds, so when I had the “Cinema Fantastic” in my hand, I had the idea that this was a book about music and fantasy films with a dvd with examples. There were also books about jazz and things I couldn’t quite make out. I decided to just buy two (they were cheap, so…) and I went home with “Cinema Fantastic” and “Left For Dead”, since most of the others had French texts. Well, the “Cinema Fantastic” is indeed a comic with some information about classical music used in fantasy films and contains two cds with parts of scores. “Left For Dead” is not really a comic, but a story about the suppression of the native American culture by the imported culture. There are some drawings, but mostly text. Also here two cds and however I expected (Amer)Indian music, there is actually a variety of some kind of 70′ies progrock, jazz, blues and soundscapes and here and there alternated or mixed with traditional Indian singing; not really bad actually, but there is always the monotous speaking voice with pro-Indian and anti-American texts.
There seem to be a lot more of such books available, about individual artists, but also about subjects. The website of the publisher has these releases as “BD”s, contrary to “CD”s or “DVD”s, so I guess the idea is “book disc”. Quite an interesting development, especially when you think of it that I only paid 5,70 euros for each book, while has them for 14 euros or more.
I have been thinking if I should include these two items in the musicreviews section, but eventually thought that that is not quite the right place.


Did you ever see a double acoustic guitar? I don’t remember I did, but I am sure that I never saw two men playing it together!
Flairck is a Dutch band that is almost as old as myself and they have an ever changing line-up, safe for one person. Since the band is this old, I have known them for many years, but never really bought records or visited a show. Yesterday there were in a theatre not too far away and my girlfriend got a discount, so we decided to see what Flairck is all about. The music is losely based on folkmusic from all around the world and has a folky/medieval touch sometimes, but the band never just plays traditional music as far as I know. Currently the band consists of the band’s heart who is an aging guitar virtuose who brings a lot of instruments to his shows. Then there is another guitar virtuose, but this time from Mexico, also bringing several instruments, under which an acoustic bass guitar and some really weird-looking guitars. An old and new member seem to play any wind instrument, from the tiniest flute, to a massive bass fagot, a ’super German flute’ and several clarinets. Then there was the young, good-looking academic violin player. Each musician gets plenty possibility to show that (s)he is top-of-the-class (I think auditions are held for new members). Then there was a gigantic wind-organ played by a laptop (”an old one”). These people can surely play and make a party on stage with some very odd humerous (to even silly) elements. “Stoomwals” (”steam roller”) surely made a nice Thursday evening! This tour is almost done, but there are 22 cds (just rereleased in one box) you can listen to and the band lives from touring, so undoubtely they will be on the road again sometime soon.
Link: Flairck