Tom Bolton

I got this email today. Not really my kind of music, but perhaps you are interested.

I’m wondering if you’d be interested to hear my recent album… I’m not so sure how to classify it… original/folk-ish/acoustic music… a sparkling/melancholic/eclectic mix based around acoustic guitar, double-bass and vocals, with a variety of other instruments woven through.

I could mail you some mp3s… or you can download some songs online at my Sonic Bids page:

Or, if you let me know your address I’ll mail a CD to you.


Tom Bolton
(Melbourne Australia)

Rat King

Industrial metal from India? Hm. I don’t really intend to review metal, neither do I enjoy having to figure out how to download an album, but the Myspace tracks are not even that bad. Just read on if I caught your interest:


We’re Rat King from India and we hope to get our new CD (“The Plague of Hamelin” – A concept album based on a distorted version of the Grimm Brothers’ classic “Pied Piper of Hamelin”) reviewed on your zine. Unfortunately, we’ve run out of copies of our CD and so we’re trying to promote it through mp3s. I don’t know if you have strict policy against mp3s but I’m attaching a link to the whole album anyway.

Here’s hoping you dig it.


Sistrenatus / Funerary Call news

The new Sistrenatus album is called “Sensitive Disturbance” and seems to be due for early next year to be released on Cold Spring.
However the earlier project Funerary Call was buried, it has revived because of a request of a new album. The new material is more industrial/noisy than ‘ritual’ and you can listen to some excerpts on the FC Myspace.

New Prodigy album!

It has been way too long since the last real album of The Prodigy (“Always Outnumbered” 2004), but finally a new album is announced. “Invaders Must Die” should be available by 2 March. As a teaser, tonight (that is 26 november) at 19.30 (that is 7.30 PM London time) the new single with the same title as the album will be available online for a week from


So yesterday in Rotterdam we went to see three bands. The opening act was unknown to me: Oorchach. The music went from dark (industrial) ambient to industrial. The music was not really bad, not really good, but the ‘vocals’ were quite awfull. Next up was a completely boring show by Die Weisse Rose. A couple of people on stage wearing uniforms, much drumming and spoken and screamed texts. On the background was minimalistic music (inspired by Les Joyaux De La Princesse, just as the bandname?). Six or seven years ago when so-called “martial music” was still upcoming, this might have been nice, but today it’s just a big cliche and not well done either. Fortunately Foresta Di Ferro was a lot better, even though the entire previous band was on stage. FdF went from harsch industrial to weird folky music, neofolk and soundscapes. Not bad at all, but a big tumbs down for the guys of the PA: the whole night the music was so extremely load that it distorted and not only the DJ had an awfull sound (even killing Blood Axis), but the bands suffered the same. Extreme volume levels are not a good thing, for anything.
(And yes, the photos are so small so that you don’t see how bad they are!)


I don’t remember what I was looking for, but last week I was on, not a website where I can be found very often. I stumbled upon Herz Jühning, a name that didn’t ring a bell. The man appeared to be on Galakthorrö, so I decided to see if I could listen to some music ( doesn’t offer any.) Since everybody seems to have a Myspace, also does Jühning. Very nice industrial disco. Perhaps a bit too much reminding of Haus Arafna, but very, very nice. Jühning only has a sold out 7″. Too bad!

This running into Galakthorrö made me decide to have a better look at the label. Their “Galakthorrö – Kosmoloko” compilation has some nice tracks on it from Haus Arafna and November Növelet (of course), but also Karl Runau and Maska Genetik. The last project Subliminal has better tracks on her Myspace than on the compilation. So, I got in contact with Galakthorrö and ordered some albums that I should have bought before. Too bad that there is nothing available from Maska Genetik anymore.

In any case, I had heard the term “angstpop” before, but I didn’t know what people mean with it. It appears to refer to music in ‘the Galakthorrö vein’, the not (too) industrial or noise tracks of Haus Arafna or November Növelet, Karl Runau, etc. The label itself uses the term too. So I guess I missed something. In any case, the term now seems to be (ab)used in many ways. It is an album by SPK, there is a website which is about a much larger scope of music, new bands having nothing to do with Galakthorrö claim to play “angstpop” (and indeed a band such as the Dutch Distel has a ‘Galakthorric sound’). I guess after 10 years of existence, mr. and mrs. Arafna have made way to a new trend. I’ll just look around a little to see if it’s all good enough to listen to.

Cheesy neofolk

This morning I had to quickly get something to feed my cd-player. On opening my cd case and looking through it, my eye fell on a digipack that I didn’t immediately recognise. I turned out to be Werkraum. Hearing that album again, I remember why I seldom listen to or buy neofolk, even though I seem to have 133 neofolk reviews. Still later today I played Cawatana. The review that I link to is over five years old and still my opinion about the genre is about the same. Actually I wonder if anything happened at all? New Eislicht bands, Berkana, Nebelung, it still sounds all the same to me.
Fortunately ‘the scene’ as a whole slowly develops more interesting sounds every now and then, so I can just leave all the cheesy neofolk and buy something else.

Cyclic Law festival (Antwerpen)

Yesterday we were at the Luchtbal were a couple of Cyclic Law bands performed. I mostly came to see Karjalan Sissit. First up was Northaunt, who gave away a nice soundscapes show with some very dark moments; next was Svartsinn (the brother of Northaunt?), again fairly dark soundscapes and again not too bad. Mr. Cyclic Law makes music under the monicker Visions and even though he has a more noisy sound, I liked him least of the festival yesterday. Karjalan gave a troubled show. Actually it was hardly a show, only the intro and one track worked out alright. Then came some fuss over incorrect order of tracks and in the end the DVD player “died on us” which apparently stopped the whole show (not just the visuals). By the time an alternative had come up with the band no longer felt like playing so we all went home after 45 minutes of verbal aggression from the stage and the audience. I hope for the band that the show this afternoon in Alkmaar (Netherlands) goes better.


Yesterday I was looking for something to play while reading. Usually that means tranquil and with no vocals. My eye fell on When, does anybody remember When? I own the “Death In The Blue Lake” cd (1988), “Black White And Grey” cd (1991) (which I played partially) and the “Svartedauen/Black Death” cd (1992) (which I played). Looking at the Discogs page of this project, there seem to be releases until this very day! I did not know that. I am actually curious what Lars Pedersen makes these days.
When also made me want to play Ginger Leigh, not that this American project has the same sound, but it does have that weird originality too; so I played Ginger Leigh when I came home from work today. Actually Ginger Leigh is (also) a project with not enough recognition in my eyes.