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New statistics

It has been over two years since I had a look at the statistics. Why do I even bother collecting them? Perhaps they are usefull in a way. More about that later.

I do not even remember when, but the previous plugin that I used for statistics was no longer maintained and a while ago it actually stopped working. I had to look for another simple stats plugin, but the results are quite different from before. Did I misinterpret the previous plugin or do I misinterpret the current one? Do they work much different from eachother? One thing is for sure, the new plugin is hard on me.

The current plugin allows me to pick a period and then gives me a few numbers. I used the period “this year so far” and come to the following numbers:

  • Main website, 384 pageviews, that is 3 average daily pageviews over a 120 day period. In this period 233 unique IPs visted either the index page or the website intro. Many people come to the index by following a link to an old website (for example With the previous plugin I came to almost 40 unique visitors per day. Now just below 2. Quite a difference! Which would be most credible?
  • Articles, 2804 pageviews, that is 23 daily average. 1791 Unique IPs. The previous plugin came at 73 unique visitors per day two years ago. When I have a look at the download counter for my ‘downloadable’ articles, I can see that two years ago the counter for the “Traditionalism vs Tradiotionalism” article stood at 307, now I have 337 for the PDF; the Epub went from 31 to 141 (!). “Traditionalistic Asatru” went from 115 to 261 for the PDF and from 45 to 133 for the Epub file. That does not sound too bad;
  • Book reviews, 1091 pagesviews in 2016, 9 per day, 535 unique IPs. Those were 85 unique visitors with the other plugin two years ago.
  • Film reviews, 415 pagesviews, 3 per day, 70 unique IPs; 38 unique visitors per day two years ago;
  • Music reviews, 805, 6 and 276; 86 unique visitors two years ago, 6 now;
  • News, 31, 0 and 14. I have not listed the news section previously.

This immediately tells me that close to nobody is going to see this message, since I posted it in the “news” section, which is visited by 14 people in 2016. Thank you for reading this when you are one of those. I am going to share this little text on Facebook and see what happens.

Like two years ago, I am quite surprised that the film reviews section has so few visitors. It is the section with the most updates. Almost every week I review one or two films, while music reviews go a lot slower, books even more and articles especially so. I suppose people have other channels to get ideas for films to watch or the films that I review are boring.

There seems to be more demand for the book reviews. So what are the most popular ones?

  • Index, the index of the book reviews section gets 14,64% of the pageviews;
  • De Geestelijke Wereld van de Germanen attracted 4,03% (44 hits). A Dutch title on an English website. Below, when I talk about Facebook, you will see how this comes;
  • The archive got 3,02% of the visitors, 33 hits;
  • The Faulkes translation of the Edda comes next with 2,10% (23 hits) in 2016.

Not really whopping figures. Next are books with 10 to 20 hits in 2016 and two tags.

What about the articles. What are people looking for when they find this website?
Actually, the popular articles are the same as always:

Top search terms list must be taken with a grain of salt, since the top search term “Freemasonry” had 8 hits in 2016 and can never have resulted in any of the articles mentioned above. What is different that most people come with from Google nowadays (or according to the new statistics plugin) 766 in 2016, while Wikipedia brought me 115 hits. Facebook 24, so that is not exactly a visitor attractor even when the counter currently stands at 195 “likes”.

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook has statistics of its own. Let me have a look at these. Facebook, for example, tells me how many people I “reached” with the links to new reviews, etc. that I post. A few numbers to give you an idea. Like I said, there are 195 people who “like” the Facebook page. That does (by and far) not mean that a post reaches 195 people. Perhaps a “reached” person has to click on my message in his or her wall?
I posted the Thorofon review 6 days ago. This post “reached” 36 people. I posted the last film review on the same day, but this one only reached 8 people. On 16 april I “shared” a link to the latest Idehall cd review, 11 people. The latest book review is of the latest Acta Macionica which reached 23 people. Then follow a few posts with 20 to 30 people and the next ‘peak’ is a track that I shared of the new noise project Ausströmen which reached 37 people. That is better than most of my own stuff.
Earlier I mentioned my review of De Geestelijke Wereld van de Germanen, a popular book review. The post linking to this review was “shared” by three people, thus reaching a whopping number of 191 people. It is very clear that Facebook is a social medium and that to reach an audience, that audience has to cooperate without “likes” and “shares” I “reach” usually around 25 people, sometimes a bit more, sometimes less.
As for Facebook’s statistics page. It tells me that in the last week I had one “action” (I suppose this is a “like” or a “share”), six “pageviews” (is that how many times the Facebook page is visited?), 41 “reached persons” (for different posts) and five “involved”s, whatever that may mean.

I am sure that the above was exactly what you have wondered about for years?

Oh, it could be that the website looks different for you. More about that here.

Stats March 2014

It has been a while, but let me fill you in a bit more about the statistics of this website.

The main site has had 39.7 unique visitors per day in the last week. The last time I checked (a year ago), this was 37 visitors. the main referrer is still Hex Magazine, all the rest is spam.
The most popular searchword are obviously used by people looking for this very website. Gangleri,,, that sort of search terms.

A year ago I had 90 unique daily visitors on an average day for the articles section. This time I come to 92.7. Taking that nothing much happens there, that is not too bad. Popular articles remain Christian Cabala, Angel Magic and Rune Calendars, but also Germanic Concepts Of Fate and Nine World Of Nordic Mythology. Top referrers remain Wikipedia and Google. Popular search terms “Babylonian calendar”, “nordic mythology”, “cabala” and “nine worlds”.
A new statistic makes the articles that I offer for download in PDF and Epub. “Traditionalism vs Traditionalism” has the counter on 307 for the PDF and 31 for the Epub version, Traditionalistic Asatru respectively 115 and 45. Did anybody hear of download spam? The high number of the first article it a bit weird. Today, it has been downloaded numerous times, three times per minute. I hope my server can handle that. Also I wonder what is the use of this. (Further investigation showed that this file was accessed three times per minute about every half hour. Because I did not like the idea of somebody using so much of my server load, I created a new download package and reset the counter to something fictitious, but more credible.)

On to more happy events. The book reviews section comes to 85 unique visitors per day, which is substantially higher than the 63 visitors of a year ago. Top referrer Google, the rest is mostly spam. The popular search word list looks like the previous, Galdrabók, Peryt Shou, De Tuin Der Goden, Dumezil Loki. Popular entries in this section are a quote about the tripartite soul and two Dutch titles (Tussen Wodan en Widar and Godenschemering). The most popular English title is The Journal For Contemporary Heathen Thought.

Film reviews then. 37,6 Unique visitors per day, 45 a year ago. This is a little strange, since this is the section where most happens. I suppose I do not review popular enough films! The only non-spam referrer in the top referrer list is the Facebook page of this website. Popular reviews remain Tideland, c’Est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous, In The Name Of The Rose and Be With Me.

To close off with the music reviews; 85,6 against 74; Google and Facebook do well. The feed is extraordinary popular, so are general pages like the alphabetical list, the blog and the stories. The awfull World End Broadcasting remains the most popular review (2546 hits) followed by the old album “Mandragora” by Orchis.

Stats March 2013

The number of visitors is substantially lower than before. Perhaps I should start doing quizes and a Facebook campaign?

Main page (website index):
37 average unique per day in the last week
Top referrers Hex Magazine, Google, WordPress, Wikipedia
Popular search terms: mostly Gangleri in different spellings.

90 average unique visitors per day in the last week
Top referrers Wikipedia, Facebook, Google and most of the rest is bogus
Popular search terms: babylonian calendar, nordic mythology, cabala, nine worlds
Popular articles: Christian Cabala (280007 hits since counting), Germanic Concepts Of Fate (22232 since counting), Angel Magic (12432 since counting), Nine Worlds (12065 since counting)

63 average unique visitors per day in the last week
Top referrers: google and mostly spam referrers
Popular search terms: Galdrabók, Peryt Shou, De Tuin Der Goden, Dumezil Loki, Altgermanische Religionsgeschichte.
Popular posts: Tripartite Soul (a quote) (4849 hits since counting), Godenschemering (3384), the Heathen Journal (2592).

45 average unique visitors per day in the last week, but peaking between 96 and 25 visitors
Top referrers: Google and a whole lot of spam
Popular search terms: Maaz Christian Volckman (only used 24 times by the way, so why does Google come up relatively high?) and the rest is only 10 in total.
Popular reviews: Tideland (4373), c’Est Arrive Pres De Chez Vous (4260), In The Name Of The Rose (3992) and Be With Me (3362)

Music reviews:
74 average unique visitors per day in the last week, but peaking between 156 and 44 visistors.
Top referrers: Google, the WordPres forum and the Gangleri Facebook page.
Popular search terms: cunttt, real punk (eh?), haus arafna you review, in slaugther natives.
Popular resources: the feed (massive!), the index (high) and after a big gap the alphabetical overview and the blog, then follow a few old reviews.

Statistics August 2012

Somehow I seem to think about statistics in january and august. A short overview:

Main site, 49 unique visiters per day on average in the last week. Popular search terms: “gangleri”, “”, “www.gangleri”, “”, “ganglieri”, “”, “angel magic”, “king gylfi sweden”, “who is gangleri”.

Articles, 120 unique visitors per day. Popular search terms: “babylonian calendar”, “nordic mythology”, “cabala”, “nine worlds”, “the nine realms”, “the nine worlds”
Popular articles: “Germanic concepts of Fate 18541 visits since the start of the count.
Angel Magic 10789
Nine Worlds in Nordic Mythology 10025

Book reviews, 104 unique visitors per day.
Popular search terms: “galdrabók”, “peryt shou”, “de tuin der goden”, “dumezil loki”, “altgermanische religionsgeschichte”, “the temptation to exist”

Film reviews, 130 unique visitors per day. The search results have things displayed in the sidebar (…).

Music reviews, 155 unique visitors per day. Most search terms do not come any higher than 30 times since the start of counting, so those can be ignored.


Every now and then I feel the need to have a look at the site statistics, usually when I do, I do not have access to my host’s statistics, but the statistics per section are more interesting anyway.
Read More »Stats


Last week somebody asked me if I got much reaction to what I write here, a question that I had to answer negatively. has 100 to 120 visitors (not hits) a day. The Facebook ‘integration’ has been here for about a month and a half. This means that about 9000 to 11000 people visited since. A substantial part of internet users supposedly have an account. 40% Of the Americans have one according to Wikipedia, in Europe I guess the number will not be much lower. That means that in the month and a half some 3600 to 4400 FB users visited these pages and 16 of them hit the “like” button (and I know some of them did not use the button on the website, but on the FB page), that is a participation percentage of about 0,375%? So far for boosting the participation of your visitors using FB as some claim!
The same goes for the FB page, by the way. When I post something there, there are 16 people reading it on their walls, but a day later the posts have been read over 40 times. Are these of the 16 ‘likers’ or do people simply bookmark the FB page without ‘liking’ it?
This is no complaint, by the way, just a conclusion. Perhaps there are more people like me who do not necessarily have all their information on one place (for example at their FB account), perhaps people prefer feeds, perhaps many visitors of are one-time visitors, perhaps you only come when you feel like it or visitors form a group of people not fond of social media. All possibilities. Just something I had to think about when I got the question.


Suddenly I wanted to have a look at my stats. Just to have you enjoy the figures…:
In the last week, the main part (index and intro) had an average of 73 unique visitors per day; the articles section 170, bookreviews 115, filmreviews 114, musicreviews 123 and the news section 14. Overall that comes to an average of 122 unique visitors per day for the entire website, based on my WordPress stats of course.
Other funny facts: hits on the main site are about twice the number of unique visitors (so I guess people do read the index and the intro), articles have twice to two-and-a-half the number of hits against visitors, books too, the filmreviews section has real browsers with six to seven times the number of hits in comparison to unique visitors, music reviews too and the news section has a very low number of visitors, even for the RSS (70 per day). The musicreviews section is relatively popular among feed-readers.
Recently I did some Facebook integration, but this has no effect whatsoever. As far as I can tell, no posts have been “shared” yet, and there is only one website visitor who “like”s, the other three ‘likers’ came from my own FB account. So far for “boosting contact with your visitors”!