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Again problems with commenting. Apparently the anti spam plugin that I used conflicts with another plugin that I recently upgraded which caused impossibility to comment (a javascript/cookies error occured). Of course this has been solved, but excuses for the people who were unable to leave their messages. Should this happen again, please send me an email (see website intro and contact).

The joys of the internet

You may get the idea that nothing much happens with, but I can tell you that on the background I am making (trying to make) several improvements. I have been working on some security issues. I read about blog hacks a bit too much and try to avoid that the same thing happens here. Another joy of the internet is of course spam. I have a great anti-spam plugin (which is why you have to fill in a code to comment), but my provider’s email spam protection is not quite what I hoped for. I even deleted one of the contact emailaddresses that got a lot of spam (no idea how it got in their files, since I don’t use it), so if you want to send an email, please always check the “intro and contact” page to see if nothing changed there. For the rest you may have noticed minor changed in the “sidebars” with dropdowns for the “categories” (let me know if the previous way of listing them worked better) and I tried to get rid off the term “categories”, but it seems that I have to change the code of the categories “widget”. Also I have tried to find out why it is that Google has no problems with it, but the standard search function does, with searching for words with accents. When I type “Dernière Volonté” in a review and you type “Derniere Volonte” in the search box, you will not find the review. This is the reasons why I use alternative spellings in the so-called “tags” (my “browse”), since I haven’t found the sollution yet. Last but not least, I added a “currently reading” block in the navigation part of the book reviews section. There you can see what reviews are most likely to be added soon. And so, besides a few reviews now and then, I keep working on the background to improve the website.


Of course not entirely unexpected, but the interactive surrounding of this website has risen some things to think about. Before visitors found Gangleri, spam-machines started to post spam in the comments, so I installed a “plugin” to prevent that. After that, not so much comments are posted in any section (safe for a short ‘discussion’ under the Battlenoise book review). Apparently people read and leave even when questions are obviously raised. This is not all that strange either, since I myself don’t often post comments on blogs either. Then there was this guy that started to post enormous stories under one article, but his stories have nothing to do with the content of the article and it started to seem like he wanted to use Gangleri for his own writings. Therefor I unapproved (not (yet) deleted) these long texts and only left one with a link to another website.
Also it seems that people comment under the wrong article. Maybe they read a few of my texts and then just start to type under the last one they read. I can’t move comments from one article to the next, I can just copy them to the ‘right’ article and delete the original. I haven’t decided if that is the way I want to handle it.
To close off, last week I came home and had an email of a comment simply saying “YOU SUCK!!!”. Or course the commentator has every right to think so, but since there were no arguments or any clue why this comment was posted under that very article and therefor there is not much use to have such a comment, I haven’t approved it. I guess I do suck, since Gangleri isn’t exactly a ‘freedom of speech’ website if I moderate the comments like I do, but I guess I will just have to find my way around the subject.


Now that all has been transferred, I can point my arrows towards some functionalities that I want to add to the website.
Partly on request, I have added a Google search function in every section to allow you to search the entire website and not just the section. The fact that this works with an off-site link is not completely what I want, but it will do for now.
Also I have added word-verifications for comments, because the spam-machines were a bit too active for my liking. However I believe everything works, I get almost no more comments. If something doesn’t work (in one section, some browser or not at all), please contact me by email (click “into” above). If for some other reason the verification keeps you from commenting, let me know as well. It is true that your first comment has to be verified by myself, later posts (in the same section I suppose) will be visible immediately.
My latest effort is the “recent comments” line in the “sidebar”. I wanted something like this, but I couldn’t find or make a good one. What you see now comes pretty close, but it not perfect yet.
Now I hope to find something about the ‘archiving issue’. Suggestion (especially by fellow WordPressers) are welcome.

The last thing I want to say it about the very section that you are now reading. The idea was a combination between a “blog” and a news-page for the other sections. I have the idea that the “blog function” gets a bit ‘undersnowed’ (as we say here). Therefor I added the category “blog” (I dislike the term, but most people will know what I mean at least) which also covers the “announcement”, “quotes” sections (I left this for ‘differentiating purposes’). Also I changed the title of the section. I hope this will prove to be an improvement.