Last week somebody asked me if I got much reaction to what I write here, a question that I had to answer negatively. has 100 to 120 visitors (not hits) a day. The Facebook ‘integration’ has been here for about a month and a half. This means that about 9000 to 11000 people visited since. A substantial part of internet users supposedly have an account. 40% Of the Americans have one according to Wikipedia, in Europe I guess the number will not be much lower. That means that in the month and a half some 3600 to 4400 FB users visited these pages and 16 of them hit the “like” button (and I know some of them did not use the button on the website, but on the FB page), that is a participation percentage of about 0,375%? So far for boosting the participation of your visitors using FB as some claim!
The same goes for the FB page, by the way. When I post something there, there are 16 people reading it on their walls, but a day later the posts have been read over 40 times. Are these of the 16 ‘likers’ or do people simply bookmark the FB page without ‘liking’ it?
This is no complaint, by the way, just a conclusion. Perhaps there are more people like me who do not necessarily have all their information on one place (for example at their FB account), perhaps people prefer feeds, perhaps many visitors of are one-time visitors, perhaps you only come when you feel like it or visitors form a group of people not fond of social media. All possibilities. Just something I had to think about when I got the question.

Less Facebook integration

All this FB stuff does not entirely work the way I want. It took a few efforts to get ‘recommend’ buttons for posts rather than my FB page, but now I notice that as soon as a post is ‘recommended’ all are. Also I cannot get statistics to work for this, so I only see “1 person recommends this” and that is it. Because I have not found a sollution, I decided to delete the whole recommend function. When you still want to recommend something from this website, you can go to the FB page (see on the right) where the latest additions are mentioned. As for the rest, I need 30 ‘likers’ of the FB page to get statistics there, so come on people 🙂

New anti spam measure

Sigh, spam is somewhat of a dayjob when having a website. I have two plugins that should be activated by default, Bad Behavior and Akismet. However Akismet seldom lets any spam through, I have a staggering amount of spam in my spam queue (that should actually be caught by Bad Behavior before it even gets there) since I disabled the plugin called “Cookies For Comments” that even prevented myself from making comments. Because of the large number of spam that manage to dodge Bad Behavior, I activated another third anti spam plugin. Hopefully this one will do the trick. Should it somehow block comments again, please go to the website intro where you can see contact details to inform me about this.

Sorry, your comment has not been accepted

Argh, how long ago did I install this “cookies for comments” plugin? I just noticed that it blocked even myself with the error “sorry, your comment has not been accepted”. I deleted the plugin, but please let me know when you encounter such a thing so that I do not have to accidentally find out about it myself after too much time.


Suddenly I wanted to have a look at my stats. Just to have you enjoy the figures…:
In the last week, the main part (index and intro) had an average of 73 unique visitors per day; the articles section 170, bookreviews 115, filmreviews 114, musicreviews 123 and the news section 14. Overall that comes to an average of 122 unique visitors per day for the entire website, based on my WordPress stats of course.
Other funny facts: hits on the main site are about twice the number of unique visitors (so I guess people do read the index and the intro), articles have twice to two-and-a-half the number of hits against visitors, books too, the filmreviews section has real browsers with six to seven times the number of hits in comparison to unique visitors, music reviews too and the news section has a very low number of visitors, even for the RSS (70 per day). The musicreviews section is relatively popular among feed-readers.
Recently I did some Facebook integration, but this has no effect whatsoever. As far as I can tell, no posts have been “shared” yet, and there is only one website visitor who “like”s, the other three ‘likers’ came from my own FB account. So far for “boosting contact with your visitors”!

Facebook integration

I am fooling around a little with Facebook integration. I made a Facebook page where I built in the news feed, so FB users can stay up to date. On ‘single view’ pages on this website, I made “recommend” buttons (which I prefer over “like”). It is hard to test everything with but a ‘webmaster’ profile, so if you could mess around a little with these “recommend” buttons, since I have the idea that they do not work properly yet.
I am not sure if I will build in commenting with FB accounts. Anyone can already comment here and that feature will be a lot more work.

Hansel and Gretel

With more subsections such as quotes, blog and stories, I wanted to make navigating these pages easier. When someones comes in at a quote, it may not occur to him/her immediately that (s)he has to hover over “books”->”quotes” to see more quotes. So, I decided to add what are called “breadcrumbs”, so like Hansel and Gretil, you can follow back from where you landed. I only added the breadcrumbs on sections with ‘subsections’, so articles, book-, film- and musicreviews.


BUGGER! I thought I found a sollution for a minor problem I had and trying to solve that I completely nuked this website. It did not take too long to get things back up roughly, but I had a lot of work editing ALL image sources… I hope I got them all. Worst of all, the little problem is not solved, hopefully nothing of the new problems remain…

[edit 28/2/11] Most of the image url are correct, but I found a lot of filmreviews with broken images. I’m working on that.

Improved navigation

I improved the navigation links on top of the screen, at least, I hope you agree. I found a way to cluster the links and create dropdowns. This way I can make more links, but it looks a lot cleaner. So from now on you can jump right from the toplist of filmreviews to the articles blog. To get this to work I had to redo the entire layout, so some things may look slightly different. Should you run into anything funky, please let me know. Quite a job, I hope it is worth it!

[edit 28/2/11] Hm, this new navigation does not seem to work on mobile phones (at least, not with my Opera Mini) and in IE’s older than 7… So all of you, time to get a proper browser when you experience problems with my new navigation.


DAMN have I been a fool. Monday I edited my htaccess file (IP banning) and apparently made a typo. Since then visitors received a 500 server error and of course I didn’t discover this myself until this morning. I can’t edit anything in my htaccess from work, but with a little help from the ICT-crowd, I cleared half of the htaccess file, making the website reappear. I’ll fix things better when I’m home.
Sorry for the downtime, I’ll pay more attention in the future, even when I have no time……………..